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Virtual Lunch & Learns

Anchor Medical Company supports the local architect community by hosting Virtual Lunch and Learns, many of which are AIA accredited. Please peruse the upcoming options and feel free to RSVP for those you'd like to join! 

Surgical Suite Design, Anchor Medical Company

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

1.0 Hr AIA Credits - SLD Lunch & Learn - Rethinking Surgical Suite Design for Improved Contamination Control

This presentation will focus on using clean air delivery for contamination control in OR's and Imaging Suites. We will also touch on improvements of installation and coordination reduction from a trades perspective. 

Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Special Guest - Mark III Construction - Prefab Construction Kit of Parts vs. Volumetric Pods

Makayla Oei will be joining to discuss Mark III Construction and their pursuit to revolutionize healthcare construction using prefabricated elements. They will share a case study comparing the difference between a kit of parts vs. volumetric pod installation.

*This is not an AIA approved presentation but participants still receive an eGift card for attending.

Mark III Construction, Prefab Construction, Anchor Medical Company
Modular Construction, Anchor Medical Company

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

1.0 Hr AIA Credits - Modular Services - Discovering the Value of a Prefab Rough-In Frame

At the End of the Presentation, Participants will be able to:
•Describe who benefits from a construction schedule reduction using prefabrication.
•Describe how using factory built headwall rough-in frames further reduces the construction schedule.
•Identify the different ways a rough-in frame can be built and the benefits of each.

Weds., June 14, 2023

1.0 Hr. AIA Credit - Kirlin Lighting  "Best Practices: Lighting the Modern Hospital"

Topics & Objectives:
• Major trends in healthcare lighting
• Importance of infection control
• Deep dive into the lighting needs of 10 critical areas of the hospital
• IES recommended practice for healthcare facilities
• Clinical benefits of recessed exam lighting

Kirlin Lighting, Anchor Medical Company
STARC Wall Systems, Anchor Medical Company

Weds, July 12th, 2023

1.0 hr AIA Credits - STARC Wall Systems - "Best Practices in Temporary Containment"

The new HCAi Approved Fireblock Wall has received a lot of attention in the CA market. We will review this and other benefits of using reusable, sustainable containment barriers to hide the disruption of hospital renovations.

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