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Traditional OR Wall Construction may be cheap, but it costs a lot. Inevitable Leaks, Room Modifications and Wall Damages in the High-Revenue Generating Surgical Suite is costly for repair & lost revenue.


The mfPHD Fortress Wall System replaces drywall, paint and wall protection with a flexible, movable, impenetrable & field-modifiable wall system that keeps customers coming back for more. Once you build a room with the Fortress system is difficult to go back to the status quo. 

mfPHD Overview.jpg

System Benefits

Dr. Yosher, UPENN

"The space is truly state-of-the-art, for today and decades to come. The stainless-steel modular walls are a future-proof feature. The space will allow tomorrow’s technologies to easily plug and play with reduced downtime for future renovations."

Dir. Periop Svcs, THR

"SSI rates in the new rooms remain lower than pre construction and one of the lowest rates in the THR system."

Gary Branch, Dir. of Facilities

"Stainless Steel Walls. Saved us two weeks of two OR's being down. No drywall dust, no primary and secondary containments, no paint and patch, no cutting out 1/2 of the wall to explore, no new material costs. I'm A Believer."
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