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Why Investing in FORTRESS Walls is Like Buying an Insurance Policy for your High-Revenue Generating Spaces

The cost to build and equip an operating room these days are anywhere from $2-2.5 million. If there is fixed imaging an owner could be looking at a $5-10+ million investment. However, these rooms can generate tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the hospital, which is the main revenue generator for the hospital.

The importance of keeping these high investment spaces operational is critical. Not only for hospital revenues, but to continue to see the patients they serve.

Having an operating room or two offline due to unforeseen circumstances or planned changes has always been considered a cost of doing business. That cost averages a loss of operating revenue of $80K-$300K per room, per day, depending on what case types they support.

The FORTRESS Wall System maximizes uptime of these high revenue generating spaces over time. Owners who recognize that investing an extra $15K-50K in a room that already costs $2-5 million dollars to build and equip, will act as an investment policy for this high revenue generating space.

So, from the owner’s perspective, would you rather spend $2.5 million in an operating room using drywall, or would you invest $2.55 million for an operating room with unmatched durability, superior infection prevention, and the ability to quickly respond to unforeseen circumstances and planned modifications, that will maximize the utilization rate of this high revenue generating space?

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