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How to build a time capsule in a hospital.... Use Drywall & Wall Protection!

I'll never forget an interaction I had in our showroom when speaking with an architect. She said, “every time I build a room with drywall, I feel like I’m building a time capsule.” That statement really resonated with me. Once drywall goes up, you’re truly handcuffed to that design..... FOREVER. Even in my own house I see it this same time capsule. That outlet my lamp is connected to is too far away from our sofa, so we have a cord running along the outside of our wall. If only I could quickly and easily move that outlet to meet my needs. Thankfully, for healthcare facilities, there is a way.

In hospital environments, it’s imperative that the walls are flexible and adaptable to the ever changing course medicine takes us. In the hospital operating rooms and interventional services, technology advances so rapidly, that being able to integrate new technology in old infrastructure becomes very difficult.

FORTRESS Walls allow hospitals to adapt to the ever changing landscape of medicine and maintain the latest standards of care. What’s ultra critical, is that your walls are flexible and adaptable WITHOUT compromising uptime of the space. FORTRESS Walls allow hospital owners to be able to plug and play future technologies after hours or on the weekends, without cutting into surgeon block time.

Check out this example of a client of ours that had 2016 operating rooms that were occupied and generating revenue for 5 years. The surgeons left those 2016 rooms on a Friday afternoon and returned on Monday morning to 2021 operating rooms. The hospital stated that it would have taken 40 days to perform the upgrades they made which we were able to do in 20 hours over 2 Saturdays. All without a single minute of downtime.

In 20 hours over 2 Saturdays, St. Francis Hospital was able to update 10 operating rooms with the following changes:

  • ·        Remove 10 desks

  • ·        Remove 40 panels

  • ·        Access 10 video integration cabinets

  • ·        Add 60 electrical outlets

  • ·        Add 10 data ports

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