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How Most of FORTRESS Adopters Achieve 100% ROI in the first 12 months

There are many ways the FORTRESS Wall System provides a tangible ROI. For the sake of this article, I will break these up into 2 categories; pre-occupancy and post-occupancy.


Occupy Sooner, Generate Revenue Faster: For renovation projects where the OR remodel is critical path, it’s very easy to achieve a 100% ROI on the FORTRESS Wall Panels. Our walls can easily shave 1-2 weeks off the construction schedule (Even more if paired with our SLD AirFRAME). If the hospital can save a week, that’s 5 more days of revenue generation for the hospital or surgery center.

Leave Walls Open Longer/Reduce Change Orders: During the construction process, the OR Walls remain open until the last minute. With traditional construction, drywall is often hung early due to the lengthy process. Changes in drywall or costly and messy. With FORTRESS, your walls stay open longer so changes on the walls can be made after clinical walk throughs when nurses want to see some changes. Even if changes are made after FORTRESS Walls are up, the process is a fraction of the time as traditional construction.

Late Technology Add during a construction project for 2 boom mounted Zeiss microscopes. Contractor added backboxes in a fraction of the time as traditional drywall/wall protection surfaces.

Don’t Overbuild your Service Layouts: It happens time and time again during the design process. Nurses want 4X the required electrical outlets, data and other services on the walls. They’re conditioned to think their OR’s don’t have enough electrical, data or integration support. With FORTRESS, we remind the nurses that these rooms are flexible. If more services are needed 5 years or 5 days after occupancy, those changes can be made after hours or on the weekends without cutting into surgeon block time.



FORTRESS Walls provide flexibility for the life of that operating room. Work can be done in the room with minimal impact or disruption to the operations of the clinical space. Planned events are more predictable, but unforeseen circumstances are the wild card that can catch a hospital off guard. When you have removable walls that allow access to the wall cavity in a matter of minutes, it makes responding to these events much easier.

If a FORTRESS Customer gains just 1 day of operating room uptime per room, then the system achieves a 100% ROI. It happens time and time again with our clients and here I’m showing a few of these examples.

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