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Do you LOVE drywall???

If you're a big fan of Drywall, the dust it creates and it's ability to damage easily, then mfPHD Fortress Walls and STARC's Fireblock Walls are NOT for you!

Let's face it, no one really loves working with Drywall. However, it's a necessary evil in the world of building. It's cheap, covers a lot of ground, and provides the sound transfer ratings we're going for. However it's messy, wasteful, easily damaged, and time consuming to install.

Fortress Walls by mfPHD are a drywall replacement for your high sterility environments like Operating Rooms, Imaging Suites, Pharmacies and SPD Departments. Some clients even use this product in scrub sink areas and hydrotherapy units for burn units. It takes 90,000 lbs of pressure to penetrate (compared to 250lbs for acrovyn) and is antimicrobial by nature. Work orders for prepping, patching and painting walls goes away FOREVER and painting the OR's every time The Joint Commission comes into town also goes away FOREVER. Plus, it's HCAi approved!

STARC Fireblock Walls replace drywall and stick built framing for fire rated temporary containments. It also does not require a containment to be deployed while you build your containment. It's been shown to install about 5X faster than stick built and the best part is it's reusable! When you're done with one project, move it to the next one! Just like the Fortress walls, this system is also HCAi approved!

If you're interested in learning more about either of these Drywall replacements and their specific applications in healthcare construction, please reach out to any of your Anchor Medical Company representatives. If you're not sure who that is, please email us at

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