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Uncovering the Hidden Value of Prefab Equipment Manufacturers

In a post-covid world where labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and healthcare design changes are imminent, partnering with a prefab manufacturer is more important than ever. We provide predictability, cost-certainty and the speed-to-market that owners and builders today are looking for.

This email is the 1st of a multi-post series where we discuss various ways these prefab manufacturers help our customers achieve schedule savings, increased quality, a safer construction site, minimized site disruption, less waste, decreased general conditions, and reusable materials.

Below is an overview of 3 key manufacturers that can help your team with any current or future projects you are working on. Please review and do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of our team to discuss.

FORTRESS Wall Systems - mfPHD Stainless Steel Wall System for OR's, Pharmacy, SPD

+ Sterility: Twice as clean, most durable, integrated UV for room disinfection

+ Flexibility: Remove Walls in Minutes, make changes without shutting room down, Tangible ROI

+ Fast Construction: Prefab offsite, JIT delivery, installs in 1-2 days per room. Made in the USA. Save 1-2 weeks per room on the construction schedule.

SLD Technology - Fully Integrated Modular Ceiling Systems

+ Single Large Diffuser system for consistent laminarity

+ Integrated light and boom mounts

+ Installs up to 30X faster than stick built construction

+ Indigo Clean Near-UV Technology for constant disinfection while room is occupied

Modular Services - Prefab Headwalls

+ Prefab and manufacturing experts for headwalls

+ Precon design services available to connect conceptual design with scaled manufacturability

+ Fully installed headwalls in under an hour each

+ Unmatched experience designing, managing and delivering large healthcare projects

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