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How ICRA 2.0 Will Impact Your Facility

As of today (May 17th, 2023), several of our clients have already adopted ICRA 2.0. However the bulk of our clients have not yet adopted this important ICRA protocol which has introduced a new level of ICRA containment to healthcare facilities.

As hospitals adopt this new ICRA 2.0 protocol, there are several of our partners who make it easier for healthcare facilities to remain compliant with ICRA 2.0.

mfPHD Fortress Walls

When you read the letter of the law for ICRA 2.0, if work is being done in a sterile environment where invasive procedures are taking place, a facility must use an ICRA class V containment if the work being performed will take greater than a single shift. With FORTRESS, the bulk of modifications or work being performed can be done in a matter of hours. With any other traditionally constructed wall or wall system (i.e. not flexible) it will take days, therefore facilities will need to achieve a class V ICRA containment to work in their high sterility environments. See the impacts to a facility below.

STARC Systems & Fireblock Wall

The STARC Fireblock Wall is provided in a Level V finish and provides the hospital with an aesthetic, sound-blocking, reusable ICRA barrier that achieves a 1-hour rating and is HCAi approved by way of its OPM. The system will save days in labor costs and no drywall dust and much less disruption when deploying ICRA barriers in the hospital. This is a great investment for any facility or contractor that works in hospitals.

To learn more about either of these options for and how we can reduce the impact of ICRA 2.0 on your facility, please reach out to us at

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