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A Water Leak in an OR did not Stop this Florida Hospital from Doing Cases

Water leaks can be one of the most disruptive unforeseen circumstance that any facility experiences. It's particularly problematic, and costly, when this happens in a hospital operating room.

This example of a customer in Florida is a perfect example of how the Fortress System saved the hospital days or weeks of lost revenue. ​In the morning before cases, the customer found water on the floor. Thinking nothing of it they cleaned it up and went back to prepping the room. When the water returned they realized they had a bigger issue so facilities was called to intervene. The facilities team removed the wall panel in minutes and located the source of the leak. The leak was stopped and fixed. The panel was then mounted and procedures resumed.

Perhaps they did not start on-time, but they did not have to cancel one procedure.

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know that your wall system product saved us today. We had a leak behind one of the walls that was noticed by our staff and OPL was able to come up, remove the panel, fix the leak and get us back up in running in just a few hours. If we wouldn’t have had your product, they would have had to cut a hole in the wall panel, make the repairs and then bring someone into repair/re-seam the wall. Your product definitely saved us considerable downtime and added expense.” Thanks, Director, Surgical and Procedural Operations

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