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Bringing Cleanroom Technology into Healthcare

Anchor Medical Company is focused on providing prefabricated and modular cleanroom construction solutions for the healthcare and cGMP environments. We are proud to partner with the most cutting-edge U.S. manufacturers of prefabricated architectural solutions.


Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

Traditional OR Wall Construction may be cheap, but it costs a lot. Inevitable Leaks, Room Modifications and Wall Damages in the High-Revenue Generating Surgical Suite is costly for repair & lost revenue.


The mfPHD Fortress Wall System replaces drywall, paint and wall protection with a flexible, movable, impenetrable & field-modifiable wall system that keeps customers coming back for more. Once you build a room with the Fortress system is difficult to go back to the status quo. 

Fortress Modular Wall Systems

mfPHD Overview.jpg

SLD Technology

This AirFRAME is cleanroom technology that removes contaminants from the surgical field. Each of our ceiling systems is based on the concept of a single large diffuser, delivering a contiguous blanket of laminar airflow to sweep airborne contaminants away from the surgical site, patient, and providers in an operating room.

The AirFRAME includes clean-air delivery, light/boom mounts, ambient lighting, and structural supports for imaging eqiupment... all in one compact solution.

Fully Integrated Modular Ceiling Systems

Modular Services Company

Modular Services Company has been manufacturing prefabricated healthcare products for hospitals and facilities across the globe for over 50 years.  Our solutions range from headwalls to booms to complete patient room collections. We offer smart, high design/aesthetic options for the design team and manufacture systems that make construction of the patient space both simple and efficient.  With thousands of installations in all types of hospitals, of every acuity level, we are experts in helping you prefab your way to the perfect patient space!

Prefab Headwalls and ICU Booms

STARC Systems

STARC Systems designs and manufactures innovative temporary containment solutions that eliminate the disruption of innovation. 

STARC Systems is known and trusted by leading contractors and healthcare facilities in all 50 states, Canada and Australia, for delivering premier reusable great looking containment solutions that feature innovative design, superior engineering, exceptional durability, a full range of accessories and best-in-class customer service.

Modular Healthcare Construction CA, Anchor Medical Company, STARC Systems

Temporary Containment Barriers

Our RealWall™LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall™ (HCAi Approved) containment systems allow contractors, healthcare facilities and building professionals to easily install, move and reconfigure wall panels while providing quiet, dust-free solutions to their clients.

Kirlin Lighting

From illuminating the world's first MRI suites, to pioneering recessed aimable exam lights, Kirlin Lighting has been at the forefront of the medical lighting industry for over 50 years. We design and manufacture lighting solutions that ensure patients receive better care, more accurate diagnoses, and protection from nosocomial infection. The world's top facilities trust Kirlin to deliver industry-leading illumination without compromise.

Kirlin Lighting, Anchor Medical Company


GermFree designs & manufactures complete mobile & modular facilities to provide fast and flexible USP 797/800 & cGMP compliant production space. Our bioGO units incorporate cleanroom process areas as well as containment space.

Turnkey Mobile

24'-53' Mobile Trailers available for lease or purchase of USP <797> / <800> spaces or cGMP manufacturing for ATMP's, Cell/Gene Therapy, and more.

GF_USP Trailer Tech Sheet - v1.jpg
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Turnkey Modular

Complete design, build, deployment and validation of fully-equipped modular cleanroom environments.

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