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Prefab & Modular Construction Products for Healthcare

Anchor Medical Company is dedicated to optimizing the efficiency of critical infrastructure for our clients. Through industrialized construction, particularly prefabrication techniques, we are able to streamline the creation of major infrastructure systems. This results in considerable savings of both time and money.

Delivering the Cleanest Environments in Healthcare

At Anchor Medical Company, we take great pride in partnering with manufacturers whose unique cleanroom technologies are well suited for healthcare environments. Among our esteemed offerings are the ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Ceiling System, also known as the AirFRAME, and the FORTRESS - our premier prefab/modular stainless steel walls. These innovative products set a new standard for cleanliness, empowering critical spaces with unparalleled levels of hygiene.

Operation Theater

Innovators in Healthcare Construction

Anchor Medical Company has curated an exceptional selection of manufacturers, each boasting their distinct technological advancements. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of cutting-edge products, from indoor air quality solutions to the preeminent motorized recessed exam lights available in the market.

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Made In USA

Domestic Manufacturing

Anchor Medical Company boasts manufacturers whose facilities are all domestically located, ensuring that all of our exceptional products are authentically Made in the USA. Additionally, this enables us to maintain full control over our supply chain and circumvent the extensive shipping times and costly expenses associated with importing from overseas.

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