Integrated Displays

Carrot Medical

Carrot Medical's C-View platform allows a Cath/EP/IR Lab the ability to upgrade and enhance it's visualization platform without having to invest in new imaging equipment. This product is perfectly suited for the hospital who wants to extend the life of their existing lab, without having to invest millions of dollars in a brand-new lab. With this solution you can go from outdated to state-of-the-art over the weekend!


C-View Platform

C-View Pro enables clinicians to see everything, where and when needed, with real-time medical systems integration and management of up to 12 windows, from multiple modalities.

Leverage the C-View Pro to perform more advanced procedures, in any interventional suite. Add the power of C-Suite,® to record and stream procedures for training, or to simply review archived cases in the future.

C-Com System

Leverage the latest in sound technology to dramatically improve communication between physicians and the rest of the clinical team with a wireless healthcare communication system.

Anchor Medical Company


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