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Top 5 Takeaways From My 1st Healthcare Conference - HFSE Long Beach

Over the years I have heard about these healthcare conferences that take place all over the US that my husband Billy attends, but this was the first time that I was a part of the action. I’m so happy that it took place in Long Beach, what a vibrant city and a short plane ride from home!

Placing Faces with Names - I met so many colleagues face to face that I have been on zoom with, heard their voices over the phone, connected with them over LinkedIn, and sent emails too. There is something special being able to shake a person's hand and look at them in real life! I was able to connect with several colleagues on both a personal and professional level and I am learning that sales is all about connections!

Anchor’s Manufacturers - I was able to see our manufacturers in the exhibit hall all dressed up and ready to sell. We were at the Fortress Walls by mfPHD booth with a great team showing off our panels and trying out our VR headset. We were right across from STARC Systems and our one hour rated Fire Block Walls were getting some major play. I visited Modular Services and saw lots of interest in our headwalls, including some interest from one of our competitors! Finally, I spent some time with SLD and learned more about our patient lift system, the AirLIFT.

Design and Details - I was impressed to see the amount of design that goes into healthcare facilities from the flooring to the large scale art installations. I was impressed with two companies, both named SkyLine, that created art for healthcare. What an important piece of healthcare that I had never even considered before, yet noticed when I was a patient. Creating a place with patients in mind that could be experiencing a range of emotions is challenging to say the least, and these art installations can provide a comforting environment.

Fast Pace - Over the course of two days in the exhibit hall I think I clocked about 25,000 steps and talked to hundreds of people. It was nonstop activity. We helped set up our booths and take them down. I was able to see the amount of people it takes to make a show like this happen and I was amazed to see how quickly it all came down at the end. To say I was exhausted by the end of the conference is an understatement.

Our Company - Finally I want to say how incredible it was to see my husband shine. He was in his element, his natural habitat! I can’t tell you how many people had such great things to say about Billy and the work that he does. The amount of people he knows and has created connections with is inspiring. I was really proud of him and what he has accomplished.

Although I am new to the healthcare industry, I can see many connections to the education profession which is the field that I left after 20 years to work for our company - Anchor Medical. This conference was inspiring and made me realize that I might actually enjoy a little sales opportunities here and there, especially in cool cities like Long Beach!

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