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Modular Services Company

Modular Services Company has been manufacturing prefabricated healthcare products for hospitals and facilities across the globe for over 50 years.  Our solutions range from headwalls to booms to complete patient room collections. We offer smart, high design/aesthetic options for the design team and manufacture systems that make construction of the patient space both simple and efficient.  With thousands of installations in all types of hospitals, of every acuity level, we are experts in helping you prefab your way to the perfect patient space!

Prefabricated Solutions for Healthcare Environments



"The Operating Room of the Future" - The Wall Street Journal

mfPHD is the provider of the most durable and hygienic modular stainless steel wall solutions.  High acuity spaces such as Operating Rooms, Trauma Bays, Pharmacies, Sterile/Central Processing Departments, Laboratories and ICU’s benefit from its flexibility, speed of construction and maintenance. The investment in adaptive flexibility to accommodate innovation and future needs.  The top industry leaders have partnered with mfPHD to provide the future of healthcare.

Fortress Modular Wall Systems

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Anchor Medical Company


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